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Aeon Finance company offers a tariff plan
"150% in 30 days" to create an investment portfolio. The opportunity to receive income from your investment 5% per day, a great offer.

Invest in your future now to get a unique opportunity to become part of a single team and start making profits today and remember.

Aeon Finance will do everything for comfortable cooperation with the platform, protect all confidential information provided for your authorization.

Want to try making money with Aeon Finance, but still have doubts?
The test tariff is available to you:
"107.5% in 5 days"
(100% - the bulk of the deposit, 7.5% - net profit).

Professional plan

150% for 30 days

Daily 5% profit

Minimum investment 1$

Maximum investment 5000$

* Deposit amount is included in payments!
Unlimited deposits!

Trial plan

107,5% for 5 days

Daily 1,5% profit

Minimum investment 1$

Maximum investment 5000$

* Deposit return at end of time
One user - one Trial plan!

Partnership and teamwork is the key to success!

Aeon Finance Your reliable guide in the world of financial independence!

We have built a strategy aimed at long-term work with our partners, we do so that your investments have a high payback percentage in a minimum period of time. We value time and understand its value. Join our team! Professionalism and effective teamwork will provide Aeon Finance a leading position in the highly competitive investment market.

The company offers a unique affiliate program in which you can receive rewards for building a team and attracting new partners to the project, and a multi-level referral program gives you the opportunity to increase your capital with a minimum investment.

Invite new people to your team and earn:
10% from replenishment of the first level
3% from replenishment of the second level
1% from replenishment of the third level


Reliable earnings strategy!
Own data processing script!
Secure Server!
Data encryption!


One tariff plan!
Simple affiliate program!
Easy, convenient site!
Simple terms of cooperation!


Daily accruals!
Instant payouts!
Informative office!
Responsive support!